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3D Modelling


Create 3D models by creating a base solid and adding and subtracting with features such as extrudes, extrude cuts, revolves and chamfer for example. Generally used for machine design and creating large assemblies, digital testing and rapid prototyping due to its ease of use and application

Surface Modelling

Create complex and sculpted models with an infinitesimal thin skin by using lofts,sweeps and NURBS curves. Typically used to create technical surfaces or aesthetic surfaces such as an aircraft wings or consumer products.

Sheet Metal

Create sheet metal 3D models within the sheet metal manufacturing context such as bend radii,K-factor and clearances easily and efficiently. The 3D models can be flatten and be exported to formats such as .DXF or .DWG for further processing. Manufacturing information can also be quickly created for the bending process.

Create 3D models easily and efficiently


Quickly create weldment structures from library profiles and generate manufacturing information such as cut lists, weld lists and bill of materials easily from the model.

Other components such as gussets and stiffeners can also be easily added into the model.